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The website www.erpahr.ro.ro as well as the Internet domain erpahr.ro are the property of SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL, headquartered in Iuliu Maniu St. no. 102, com. Chițorani, Jud. Prahova, registered in The Trade Register Office under J29 / 1480 / 2019, with CUI RO 40933661, hereinafter referred to as the Website Administrator.

To use the website www.erpahr.ro it is necessary to fully accept the terms and conditions. At the same time, continuing to browse this website implies full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions below.

The website www.erpahr.ro aims to be a source of information in the electronic environment and a tool of SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL, meant to contribute to achieving the objectives specific to its activity.

The Website Administrator makes every effort to present the information in the most accurate and concise manner possible. However, he cannot be held liable in any form for inadvertent or erroneous information from third parties. Also, the Website Administrator cannot be held responsible for the content of other websites to which he makes references.

The Website Administrator reserves the right to change the content of the website at any time without prior notice.

The contents of the website www.erpahr.ro is protected by copyright laws. All rights belong to SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL. All materials published on the website (including but not limited to articles, texts, documents, still or moving images, videos, logos, and design), are protected by copyright laws and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, published and / or republished, without the written consent of SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL. It is forbidden to modify the content of the website pages, as well as to copy, distribute, transmit, publish, reproduce, create derivative works from any information or service obtained from or through the website www.erpahr.ro.

However, it is possible to download or copy materials available for this purpose in specific sections and accompanied by explicit instructions.

For additional information about us and our activity, or for any question or request to use the materials on this website you can contact us at the e-mail address contact@erpahr.ro , or using the form provided in the Contact section.


To answer users’ questions and to obtain data regarding access to our website, it may be necessary to provide personal information, such as e-mail address and telephone number. The Website Administrator makes every effort and ensures all possible technical conditions for keeping this data safe. Personal information will not be knowingly distributed to third parties, except his business partners or unless such data are requested by bodies of the Romanian State, based on legal grounds.

SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL is exonerated from any legal liability in cases of force majeure, when the conditions for keeping these data safe can no longer be ensured for reasons beyond its control.

SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL reserves the rights to use personal data for the proper conduct of specific activities and in accordance with Law 677/2001 on the processing of personal data and their free movement with subsequent amendments, providing the user website the right to information and access to data, the right to intervene on personal data, the right to oppose the collection, storage and processing of such data, the right not to be subject to an individual decision, the right to go to court, and their legal exercise.

Personal data and especially contact information can be used for selection, jobs recruitment and to send newsletters, information, opinion polls, collecting statistics, both directly by members of SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL, and by partners and collaborators.

SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL undertakes everything to ensure the confidentiality of the visitors of its website. No personal information will be transmitted to third parties, except for third party partners who ensure the proper functioning of this site.

Both general information, traffic on the site, and other statistical information that does not contain personal data may be provided to third parties or institutions.


By filling in the forms on the website www.erpahr.ro, you will give your express and unequivocal consent for your personal data to enter the database of SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL and to be processed and used in the future by this.

The purpose of collecting your data by SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL is to select and recruit applicants and to send newsletters, advertising and marketing messages from the website managed by us, to perform internal statistics, without other obligations on our part. SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL will process the personal data during the existence of the data subject’s account, and after deleting the data subject’s account will transform personal data in anonymous data and will process them for internal statistical purposes.

For the duration of SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL, it guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data of all those who fill in the registration form.

The confidentiality of our beneficiaries is important to us, which is why photos of individuals are published only with the explicit consent of the person.

 We undertake not to make public or sell databases containing information about the personal data of our users.

The registered information is intended for use by our operators in collaboration with you. You have the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning you and to request the deletion of data. To exercise these rights, you can address a written request, dated, and signed, at contact@erpahr.ro.

If any information about you is inaccurate or inconsistent, please let us know as soon as possible!

Web forms

When using web forms, the entered data and the save time are saved.

A transfer of data to third parties takes place only if this is necessary to fulfil the request without which it is not possible to complete the process (name, surname, phone number, mailing address).


Our page uses cookies, it is a small text file that with the help of the navigation program is saved on the device from which the page was opened. It does not cause any damage to the device.

We use cookies to make our presentation friendlier. Some cookies remain saved on your computer until you delete them. These allow us to recognize the browser on the next query of the page.

If you do not want this, you can set your program in such a way that you are informed of their presence and allow them access to each visit to the page. In most browsers these cookies can be completely disabled. Disabling them does not stop the operation of our page.

Web analysis

Cookies are used, which analyse the use of the website by visitors. This can be prevented by configuring the web browser so that it does not store cookies.

Your IP address is captured but pseudonymized by the server immediately (by deleting the last 8 bits). This only makes an approximate location.

Data retention period

In case of jobs applications, the relevant data (name, surname, email address, phone number, experience) will be kept until the end of the legal date (maximum 10 years).

For sending informative materials (mail, e-mail) the relevant data (name, address, e-mail, mailing address) are kept until a later notification, to be able to provide the requested information regularly. If a recipient cannot be contacted, the corresponding data will be deleted after a maximum of two years (unless they need to be stored for other reasons).

User data for web analytics will be automatically deleted by our server after half a year at the latest. Anonymous statistics are stored longer but no longer contain personal data.

  1. General data collected by www.erpahr.ro

SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL will process information and data that allow the identification of individuals and legal entities, which they provide, such as: name and surname, telephone number, email address, mailing address, identification data, etc. If you want your personal data to be deleted from the database, you can send us an email to: contact@erpahr.ro.

b. What is personal data?

 Personal data means any information that directly or indirectly identifies you as an individual. “Direct” means, for example, your name and address; “Indirect” means that they are combined with other information.

c. Why do we collect this data?

– To be able to communicate with users, for telephone confirmations, appointments, job interviews, etc.

– To send newsletters and inform about the new programs as well as the ongoing marketing campaigns.

– To prevent and detect fraud and abuse.

– To improve your website experience, its functionality, and the administration part of the system.

 d. Management and security of personal data

All data provided are secure. In our electronic system, your data will be kept for 365 days. You have the right to request the deletion of your data from our records, whenever you wish by a request to the email address contact@erpahr.ro.

If you want other information regarding your personal data and how to use them in our platforms, we invite you to write us an email and you will receive a solution to your request as soon as possible.

e. Your legal rights

According to Regulation 2016/679 / EU you have the following rights regarding your personal data:

– The right to information

– The right to access data

– The right to rectification

– The right to be erased (the right to be forgotten)

– The right to restrict processing

– The right to data portability to another operator

– The right to oppose

– The right not to be subject to a decision based exclusively on automatic processing.

To exercise any of your rights regarding the personal data stored by this site, please send a request in this regard by email to: contact@erpahr.ro.

Full details of these rights can be found in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC.


National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing

To contact ANSPDCP find the contact details on the authority’s website: http://www.dataprotection.ro

Usage policy Cookies


This Policy on cookies applies to all users of the website www.erpahr.ro. The information presented below aims to inform the users of this website about the placement, use and administration of cookies by the company in the context of browsing users on this website.

What are cookies?

We use the term “cookies” to refer to cookies and similar technologies through which information can be collected automatically.

An “Internet Cookie” (also known as a “browser cookie” or “HTTP cookie” or “cookie”) is a small file, consisting of letters and numbers, that will be stored on your computer, mobile terminal, or other equipment of a user through which the Internet is accessed.

Cookies are installed at the request of a web server to a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome). Once installed, cookies have a determined lifespan, remaining “passive”, in the sense that they do not contain software, viruses or spyware and will not access the information on the hard driver of the user on whose equipment they were installed.

A cookie consists of two parts:

-cookie name

-the content or value of the cookie.

From a technical point of view, only the web server that sent the cookie can access it again when a user returns to the web page associated with that web server.

For what purposes are cookies used through this website:

Cookies are used to provide users of this website with a better browsing experience and services tailored to the needs and interests of each individual, namely to:

– improving the use of this website, including by identifying any errors that occur during its visit / use by users.

– providing anonymous statistics on how this website is used to SC ERPA PREMIUM VISION SRL, as the owner of this website.

– anticipation of any services that will be made available to users in the future through this website, depending on the services / products accessed.

Based on the feedback sent by cookies about how this website is used, [the website owner] may take steps to make this website more efficient and accessible to users.

Thus, the use of cookies allows the storage of certain settings / preferences set by the users of this website, such as:

– the language in which a website is viewed.

– facilitating access to users’ accounts.

– posting comments on the site.

What is the lifetime of cookies?

The lifetime of cookies can vary significantly, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. There are the following categories of cookies that also determine their lifespan:

  • Session cookies – A “session cookie” is a cookie that is automatically deleted when the user closes their browser.
  • Persistent or fixed cookies – A “persistent” or “fixed” cookie is a cookie that remains stored in the user’s terminal until it reaches a certain expiration date (which may be in a few minutes, days or several years in the future) or until when deleted by the user at any time via browser settings.

What cookies are used through this website?

By using / visiting the website, the following cookies can be placed:

a. Website performance cookies.

b. User analysis cookies.

c. Geotargeting cookies.

Website performance cookies

This type of cookie stores the user’s preferences for this website, so resetting the preferences when you visit the website is no longer necessary.

User analysis cookies

These cookies inform us if a certain user of the website has visited / used this website before. These cookies are used for statistical purposes only.

Geotargeting cookies

These cookies are used by a software that determines the country of origin of the user of the website. The same ads will be received regardless of the language selected.

What kind of information is stored and accessed through cookies?

Cookies store information in a small text file that allows browser recognition. This website recognizes the browser until cookies expire or are deleted.

Customize your browser settings for cookies.

If the use of cookies is not annoying and the computer or technical equipment used to browse this website is used only by you, long expiration dates may be set for storing your browsing history.

If the computer or technical equipment used to browse this website is used by more than one person, the setting for deleting individual browsing data each time the browser is closed may be considered.

How can cookies be stopped?

Disabling and refusing to receive cookies can make this website difficult to visit, leading to limitations in its use.

Users can configure their browser to reject cookies or to accept cookies from a specific website.

All modern browsers offer the ability to change cookie settings. These settings can be accessed, as a rule, in the “options” section or in the “preferences” menu of your browser.

However, refusing or disabling cookies does not mean that you will no longer receive online advertising – but only that it will not be adapted to your preferences and interests, highlighted by your browsing behaviour.

To understand these settings, the following links may be helpful:

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer


Cookie settings in Firefox


Cookie settings in Chrome


Useful Links

If you want to know more about cookies and their use, you can access the official website of the European Union on cookies at: http://ec.europa.eu/cookies/index_en.htm